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kids computerThe Weld RE3J Education Foundation is working with the School District on many levels to help define technology needs within the District. The Foundation's goal is to help each school and classroom in their quest to obtain software upgrades and new equipment acquisitions.

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Weld RE3J Education Foundation obtained significant donations from a number of generous donors. Some of those donations were able to help provide technological support, including:



  • $5,000 in STEM supplies awarded to the high school, including drones and technology for computer-aided carving as well as STEM conumables thanks to a generous donation from Cureton Midsteam
  • $5,000 towards woodshop technology in the form of a new lathe for students to improve the technical nature of woods projects thanks to a generous donation from Cureton Midsteam

Additionally, over the past several years the Foundation has also supplied four sets of graphing calculators to the high school for use in math, science, and available for use on standardized tests like the SAT or AP exams.